Made out of sterling silver with a Brazilian cherry tail handle and ears, this cat teapot is my newest Caticon.  Its swirled rotund form is the genius of silversmith Joost During.  When I saw a picture of his “Twist Teapot” made of silver with a crescent-shaped ebony “knob” and curvy handle, I immediately re-imagined it with two cat ears and a sleek mirror-smooth body.  I approached Joost with my idea for a commission.  He translated it first into a CAD model and then into a 3-D computer printed model.  After discussions about details including ear size and placement for the most feline look, the result is this stunningly beautiful hand-made teapot.

Joost attended the Vakschool Schoonhoven in his native country The Netherlands.  After earning degrees in both silversmithing and goldsmithing, he was hired by Gorham Silver Company to design flatware.  He eventually setup his own silver studio and began teaching and lecturing at universities and art schools.  He recently began working for Tiffany & Co.

He has won awards for his work including the Saul Bell Design Award Grand Prize for one of his sterling teapots.  In addition, the Cooper-Hewitt in New York included some of his flatware in their “Feeding Desire” traveling exhibition.

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