“Sandy and Ratty on Roller-Skates,” Carolina Grönholm (Buenos Aires 1978-), 2016 mixed media on paper, 10 x 8 inches.

Ratty’s lovely mother, Eleanor, showed up at the farm one June day and promptly delivered five kittens. My ginger tabby, Mr. Cyrano L. Catte I, had passed away the year before and I was delighted to welcome Cyrano II into my menagerie. Ratty was the largest of the kittens, and from the get-go, he was the boss—a gentle giant who adored his mother. He eventually weighted in at 28 lbs.: not fat, just BIG. I have his footprint in a plaster memorial, and it is more than two inches across.

Caticons is dedicated to my beloved, Ratty. My arms still hold you in my dreams.
Mr. Cyrano “Ratty” L. Catte II, 2000-2014.

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