Caticons is now available at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC in conjunction with their current exhibit “Animals in Japanese Art” in the East Building– a must see for all animal lovers.

Begin your tour of the exhibit by learning about your animal in the Japanese zodiac (ironically, mine was the dog!) and then see how animals are incorporated in Japanese art throughout the centuries in sculpture, wall screens, paintings, ceramics and textiles.  Included in the exhibit are several Japanese national treasures some of which have never before been shown outside of Japan.   

There are 8 cats included in the exhibit.  Cats have been a part of Japanese homes as documented in letters since the 10th century.  My favorites cat objects include an Edo period (1795) scroll depicting a black and white cat licking its paw which is similar to the “Cat (Scroll)” by Unkoku Toeki in the Caticons collection.  I also liked Utagawa Yoshifuji yose-s “The Bewitched Cat of Okabe from the Fifty-Three Stations of the Tokaido”, similar in composite design to the much more benign  “Mother Cat Constructed of 19 Kittens” by the same artist and also found in the Caticons collection.

The exhibit closes on August 18, 2019—Don’t miss it!!!

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