This “Party Cat” is CATatonic!!


After parties for Hanukkah, the Winter Solstice, Christmas, Boxing Day and all the other reasons people can come up with to overindulge, the cats and I are CATatonic!  We have wrapped presents and unwrapped presents, entertained ourselves (and others!) with balls of wrapping paper, explored gift boxes, and munched many a treat.  We are now … Read More

Holiday Caticons

Mew Arrivals

Holiday Cats form a subset of my Caticons collection.  Sadly, space constraints did not permit us to include these whimsical felines in the Caticons book, so instead I am sharing a few here as a holiday “cat” treat. Dreidels are the traditional toys of Hanukkah, the Jewish Festival of Lights, commemorating the re-dedication of the … Read More

Caticons: The Cat in Art at SFO Museum


Artifacts from Caticons – 4,000 Years of Art Imitating Cats are on display at the SFO Museum. The exhibition explores the history of the cat and its allure through art, literature and decorative arts from around the world. Visit SFO’s International Terminal (Departures – Level 3 – Pre-Security) to see the Caticons: The Art in … Read More

My Beloved Ratty


“Sandy and Ratty on Roller-Skates,” Carolina Grönholm (Buenos Aires 1978-), 2016 mixed media on paper, 10 x 8 inches. Ratty’s lovely mother, Eleanor, showed up at the farm one June day and promptly delivered five kittens. My ginger tabby, Mr. Cyrano L. Catte I, had passed away the year before and I was delighted to … Read More