If you are a cat lover and female, chances are you have been called a “Crazy Cat Lady.” I certainly have!  There is even a “Crazy Cat Lady” doll complete with a wide-eyed frenzied blonde dressed in a bathroom with a cat on her shoulder, and one peeking out of her pocket and six other cats to be arranged as one pleases!  (For all my dear friends out there trying to find a unique cat thing for me, please note, I already HAVE the “Crazy Cat Lady” action figure—several in fact.)

When writing Caticons, the chapter I had originally conceived as “Women and Cats” evolved into “Women and Cats & Men and Cats.”  While the preponderance of depictions of humans and felines do feature women, many of those works were created by men, and I realized how many men must have loved cats as evidenced by all these paintings, drawings, sculptures, books, and yes even MEN’s clothing featuring cats (see my men’s cat tie collection on page 132 of the Stray Cats tab (Cat Ties.)  Yet, the cat men just didn’t get the same recognition or epithet (“crazy cat lady”) as cat women, but please don’t get me started on the issue of inequality.  I will instead refer you to Caticons Chapter IX on page 209 for a thorough discussion.

Back to the news!  According to Rob Picheta in the August 21, 2019 article “’Crazy cat ladies’ are not a thing, study finds” link to article,  a recent UCLA study of 500 pet owners concluded that people who prefer cats are NOT more likely to suffer from mental illness than any other group.  Duh!!!! So the “Crazy Cat Lady” myth has now officially and scientifically been CATegorically discredited!  As we cat lovers have always known, we aren’t “crazy”, just crazy about cats.

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