One of the hardest parts of writing Caticons was deciding which items to include in the book.  I had whittled down the selections to a mere 450 pages; however, when our wonderful designer Judy Walker, told me we would not be able to include all those pages in one volume, I had to make some severe cuts.  It felt like I was leaving old friends off a guest list.  SO, dear readers, I am working on a mini-book called STRAY CATS to corral all those cats who were left out simply due to space constraints.

Included in the mini-book are two entire deleted CHAPTERS—including CAT PEOPLE, a selection of clothing and accessories featuring cats (clothing for people that is, not cats themselves) by some of the most coveted designers including Dolce & Gabbana, Victoria Beckham, and Miu Miu.  And for those who love the off-beat, there is the JUST PLAIN STRANGE, a section in which we pay homage to some of the more bizarre cat items such Necomimi’s Brainwave Cat Ears.  In addition, there are extra pages from all the other chapters in the book.

The mini-book will be free for viewing on our website hopefully in the next week or so… CAn’T wait to share the STRAY CATS with you!

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