In this season of giving, I am grateful for those who have gone before and on whose shoulders we all stand. The following photos of women rescuing homeless cats recently came up at auction and reminded me of the roots of animal welfare.  And YES, no surprise, women led the movement from the beginning!

From the hairstyles and dresses worn by the ladies, I believe that the photos are from the early 20th century.  On the back of one of the photos, is written “The Fellowship Lost Cat’s Shelter at Islington.”  (Islington is a borough of London.)  While I haven’t been able to find information about that particular organization, there are other organizations such as the Cats Protection League which carry on this important work.

We have come so far with TNR programs and neo-natal care (thanks in large part to kitten Mom extraordinaire Susan Spaulding), and yet there is more to be done.  So, in this holiday season, I have donated 420 Caticons books to the Cat’s Protection League in the UK.  Please consider making your own gift to a humane organization as part of your year-end giving.

We will still be offering Caticons on this website until January 1st at which time we will be closing it down and donating any remaining books to Alley Cat Allies in the USA, so NOW is the time to order. 

I wish to thank all of our loyal supporters who have encouraged me with their comments and “likes” on social media, and of course, thanks to those who bought the book.

The caption for this one reads “Cat belonging to a barber of Bayswater having its shampoo.”  Let’s work together so that all cats are cared for as lovingly as this one.

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