I don’t usually blog about current affairs, but the huge fires burning in the Amazon are of grave concern, so I am breaking my silence and my “only happy cats” rule to speak out for those Amazon cats and other wildlife who are in imminent danger, and definitely are NOT happy. The Amazon is home to big cats such as jaguars and pumas as well as small cats like ocelots.  In fact, it supports over 10% of the world’s species!!!!  Not to mention, we get 20% of the world’s oxygen from that region.

Unlike areas of the western USA where nature has adapted to fires started by natural causes over the eons, the Amazon has not developed this tolerance for fire, especially those intentionally set to deforest vast areas.

According to scientists, the effects will be devastating in the short term as so many animals are lost, but also in the long term as habitats and ecosystems are forever altered.

So diverse is the Amazon region, that we will quite likely be losing forever, species we have yet to discover.  We need to ask ourselves why we are allowing a few “fat cats” to endanger the countless species of animals and plants who inhabit these rain forests.

So what can we do?

It has been my experience that “fat cats” (and I really hate to use this term in such a pejorative way, as “fat cats” in my household are just that—fat and happy cats) only understand economic pressures.  So this is my response in support of the world-wide boycott of Brazilian goods due to the Brazilian government’s policy of burning the rainforests:

Effective TODAY, I will not purchase any product from Brazil, and I have instructed all my businesses to follow suit.  This includes all fruits and vegetables AND PET FOODS.  If in doubt I will contact the company to ascertain that no part of the product comes from Brazil, or I will find a substitute that I am assured does not contain ingredients that come from Brazil. 

The cats (and other animals) in that rainforest do not have a wallet, so I’m giving them mine.  Please join me.

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