Caticons Giving Back and Saying Good-bye

Meowsing, Mew Arrivals

In this season of giving, I am grateful for those who have gone before and on whose shoulders we all stand. The following photos of women rescuing homeless cats recently came up at auction and reminded me of the roots of animal welfare.  And YES, no surprise, women led the movement from the beginning! From … Read More

Berthe Morisot and Edouard Manet and “Young Girl with a Cat”

Mew Arrivals

“My ambition is limited to the desire to capture something transient, and yet, this ambition is excessive.” –Berthe Morisot (Bourges, France 1841-1895 Paris) Impressionist painter One of our newest Caticons, “Young Girl with a Cat” is a dry-point etching by the great female Impressionist Berthe Morisot.  The sweet-faced girl cradling a cat in the print … Read More

Our Newest Caticon–Just Add Ears!

Mew Arrivals

Made out of sterling silver with a Brazilian cherry tail handle and ears, this cat teapot is my newest Caticon.  Its swirled rotund form is the genius of silversmith Joost During.  When I saw a picture of his “Twist Teapot” made of silver with a crescent-shaped ebony “knob” and curvy handle, I immediately re-imagined it … Read More

KM Maui – Mystery Solved!

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“It was like cats just knew she was Cat Lover.”–Katharine Davis writing about her mother Karen Moberg Writing Caticons required a significant amount of research, as I wanted to tell not only my story of the pieces in my collection, but also the history of the pieces themselves—such the artists who were often inspired by … Read More

Holiday Caticons

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Holiday Cats form a subset of my Caticons collection.  Sadly, space constraints did not permit us to include these whimsical felines in the Caticons book, so instead I am sharing a few here as a holiday “cat” treat. Dreidels are the traditional toys of Hanukkah, the Jewish Festival of Lights, commemorating the re-dedication of the … Read More