Caticons’ definition of love

Cat Quotes, Meowsing

As my calendar changed to February, my thoughts, as always, this time of year, turn to Valentine’s Day.  To celebrate, I will share images from my collection that best evoke “love” in its various forms.  Caticons is, above all, a book about the love of cats as expressed by painters, sculptors, writers, poets, and folk … Read More

MEWS FLASH – See Stray Cats Mini-Book!!!!!!

Cat Quotes, Meowsing, Stray Cats

I am so thrilled to announce the arrival of our Caticons mini-book Stray Cats, featuring 145 pages of “caternalia” that had to be deleted from Caticons, simply for space considerations.  Stray Cats is now available for viewing on our website There are more works by your favorite cat artists including the Queen of Cat Painters … Read More