“Caticons by Sandy Lerner truly is a treasure trove on paper and is a fascinating read whether you are researching something or just simply appreciating the wonderful photographs of feline-themed items on every page. With the collection ranging from ancient times through to now, there really is plenty to interest and appeal to everyone, whatever your taste.”
— Catworld

“An intimate journey through a private collection of all things Cat, Caticons celebrates 4,000 years of love between cats and their humans through beautiful objects and humorous, thought-provoking narrative.”
— Modern Cat

“Combining art, history, humor, and beauty, Lerner gives us all a reason to consider the family cat(s) with a renewed appreciation.”
— Middleburg Eccentric

“I received the book today and I must say it is absolutely beautiful!”
— Sonja, Cheshire & Wain

“Delving into Sandy Lerner’s new book, CATICONS, was a pure delight. What a wonderful homage to our beloved felines of all shapes, sizes, and colors.”
— Cindy Mellott

“CATICONS is a gorgeous ‘coffee table’ book that is perfect for those who love art and cats. There are beautiful photos and also fascinating information about the author’s personal collection. I find a new favorite each time I pick up the book. Consequently, I pick it up frequently.”
— MamaLikesThis.com

“This book is a celebration of the beauty of cats, and a feast for the senses. I believe that admiring art not only makes you happy, it also has transformative and healing powers. And in this regard, Caticons combines the healing power of cats with the healing power of art - what could be better?”
— The Conscious Cat, Cat Photography

“I have also been meaning to write to tell you how much I like your Caticons. I thought I’d leaf through and send off a quick thanks. Instead I find I want to read every word. Consequently, I have read only the introductions (and accompanying endnotes), and I expect to take my long delicious time with the rest. I cannot remember when a gift or book has given me such a pleasure.”
— D.R., San Francisco

“There are absolutely no mundane or common objects photographed in CATICONS. Every single object photographed is a new experience to the senses. Look at this book time and time again to find overlooked details or grasp something new in Sandy’s writings about a particular piece or era. Caticons a beautiful text book of sorts on the history of cats in art, literature and poetry, music and culture that does not exist elsewhere.”
— Cat Faeries

“For a person like me who searches for cat-related items everywhere I go, this massive volume is a feast for the senses. I found myself “oohing” and “aahing” with every turn of the page while looking around my home realizing that my collection pales in comparison! But in the end that’s the thing about personal collections regardless of your budget - the things you choose to surround yourself with are pieces that should make you happy when you look at them.”
— Melissa Lapierre, Cat Writers’ Association

“Though the places and people have changes, the fascination with and adoration of cats has remained constant. Caticons chronicles a 30-year odyssey building what may be the world’s largest and inclusive collection of Caticons, a journey of happy cats and happy people, inspirational cats and inspired people, loved and loving.”
— FloppyCats

“If you’re looking for a visual feast for both the cat lover and the art lover, Sandy Lerner’s book, Caticons: 4,000 years of Art Imitating Cats, is just that. This book is an enormous (and gorgeous) coffee table book that details the long and beautiful history of humanity and their adoration of the cat.”
— The Catnip Times

“Caticons is a very multi-layered experience, and one that can be absorbed is as large or as small a reading as one prefers. Through all of this, Lerner’s wry wit is evident in her commentary. I cannot recommend this book highly enough for anyone interested in the art of the cat, or its history with man. I know that I look forward to many more hours perusing it.”
— Teresa Keiger, Cat Fanciers’ Association

“Your personality and life, as well as your love of cats, of course, come roaring out from the pages. Sometimes, while reading the book, it felt like your voice was speaking the words from the pages.”
— P.C., Little Buddies Cat Rescue

“Every time I pick up Caticons I discover something new to covet for my own collection, with the “Cats in Books in Entertainment” section being my favorite. I can’t think of a better gift for the cat lover in your life this holiday season than Caticons.”
— MochasMysteriousMeows

“This post is about a book called Caticons which chronicles the private collected of Sandy Lerner and documents 4,000 years of humans and their love of all things feline. It’s a truly remarkable piece of art in its own right and a MUST HAVE coffee table book for any cat lover!”
— Purrington Post

“With the holidays upon us, Caticons will be my go-to recommendation for those gift shopping for the cat lovers in their life. It not only documents the history of humans’ cat-related art objects - it IS a stunning work of art in itself. This book, and the story told by Sandy Lerner’s unbelievable collection of cat art & antiquities, is a must-have for any feline fanatic’s coffee table.”
— Josh Niesse, Hills & Hamlets Bookshop